Our fiber plans provide the best in class performance.  Depending on where you are, we can install service either via underground or above ground fiber. In some cases there might be setup costs, in others, especially in buildings with many tenants we can do free installation. 

If you are in an apartment, gated community or planned neighbourhood where you feel uptake of services might motivate us to invest in bringing fiber, contact us. If you are in an organised neighbourhood where more than two people are interested in service at any given time, do get in touch as we are able to take advantage of this to lower installation costs. 

We are constantly building our network, We regularly update the "Coverage" page of our website with this information. Please check our coverage to see if we can serve you immediately. If there is no service near you, please leave your details here so we can update you when we are building fiber near you. It is important to leave your details as that is how we decide where we roll out service next. 

Once set up, our monthly package charges are as follows.

Item Description Monthly Cost
1 5 Mbps Home Internet 2,399/=
2 25 Mbps Home Internet 3,599/=
3 50 Mbps Home Internet 6,999 /=
4 100 Mbps Home Internet 12,599 /=